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 Classroom management

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Classroom management

Here are some phrases that can be used for classroom management:

Giving instructions

Open your books at page 52
Come out and write it on the board
Listen to the tape, please
Get into groups of four
Finish off this song at home
Let's sing a song.
Everybody, please.
All together now.
The whole class, please.
I want you all to join in
Could you try the next one?
I would like you to write this down.
Would you mind switching the lights on?
It might be an idea to leave this till next time.
Who would like to read?
Which topic will your group report on?
Do you want to answer question 3?

First of all, today, ...
Right. Now we will go on to the next exercise.
Have you finished?
For the last thing today, let's ...
Whose turn is it to read?
Which question are you on?
Next one, please.
Who hasn't answered yet?
Let me explain what I want you to do next.
The idea of this exercise is for you to ...
You have ten minutes to do this.
Your time is up.
Finish this by twenty to eleven.
Can you all see the board?
Have you found the place?
Are you all ready?

Look this way.
Stop talking.
Listen to what ... is saying.
Leave that alone now.
Be careful.

Asking questions
Where's Min-su?
Is Min-su in the kitchen?
Tell me where Min-su is.
What was the house like?
What do you think?
How can you tell?
Responding to questions

Yes, that's right
Almost. Try again.
What about this word?


What's the Korean for "doll"?
Explain it in your own words.
It's spelt with a capital "J".
Can anybody correct this sentence?
Fill in the missing words.
Mark the right alternative.

After they left the USA, the Beatles ...
The church was started in the last century.
This is a picture of a typically English castle.
In the background you can see ...
While we're on the subject, ...
As I said earlier, ...
Let me sum up.

Affective attitudes

That's interesting!
That really is very kind of you.
Don't worry about it.
I was a bit disappointed with your efforts.
Social ritual

Good morning.
Cheerio now.
God bless!
Have a nice weekend.
Thanks for your help
Happy birthday!
Merry Christmas!
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Classroom management
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