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 classroom language

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Let's share your idea.


Will you stop talking, please.
Can I have quiet, please. Be quiet. Quiet, please. Silence. No noise. Pay attention. Stop talking. Don't talk. I can't hear you because other students are talking.

Problems and health

Can I go to the toilet, please? May I leave the room?
What’s the matter? What’s wrong? Are you OK/alright?
Are you sick/poorly/ill? I don't feel well.
I've got stomach/head/ear ache. My back hurts. I’ve hurt my leg. I’ve got a pain in my back. María'sill today. María's off school/away/absent.
I can’t (write) because ….
I’ve sprained my wrist. I’ve broken my finger. I’ve cut my arm. I’ve burnt my hand.
My nose is bleeding.
He’s got a sore throat/a cold/a bad cough/a temperature/flu
He’s out of breath. He can’t breathe properly.
I’m hoarse. I’ve lost my voice.
Chickenpox; mumps; measles; German measles.

Space¬time management

I want you to make/form groups of four.
Move your desks into groups of four people
Will you please turn your desks around
Make a horseshoe shape with your desks
Make a circle with your desks
Make a line of desks facing each other
Sit back to back
Work together with your friend
Find a partner
Work in pairs/threes/fours/fives
Work in groups of two/three/four
There are too many in this group. One of you must move to another group
Can you join the other group?
I asked for four people to a group
Everybody work individually/Work by yourselves/alone./Work independently
Ask your neighbour/partner for help/Ask other people in the group
Work on the task together/Ask others in the class
Interview someone else
Stand up and find another partner
I want everyone to join in
Move around the class and ask your classmates …
You’re in the way
I can’t get past
Could you get out of the way please
Look this way, please
Excuse me, I can’t see the board.
Time’s up
You’ve got 3 minutes left/to do it
You must finish by 12 o’clock
There’s no hurry
No need to rush
Quickly, please. Hurry up. Only 2 minutes left.
I have to go out a minute
Carry on with the task while I’m out
I’ll be back in a minute

Pupil language

I don’t understand. I don’t know (the answer). I’m sorry, I can’t do it. It’s too hard/difficult.
I’ve finished. Ready. I’ve nearly finished. I haven’t finished yet. Can you wait a moment, please. I’m not
ready yet.
I’ve done it. I’ve already done it. I’ve done it already. I’ve done the first two questions/exercises/tasks. I’ve
got two questions left.
I’m sorry, teacher, I haven’t done my homework. I didn’t have time to do the homework because …
Can you say that/explain again, please.
I haven’t got a book/any paper, etc. Can I borrow a pen/some paper, please. I need a pen.
Where’s my book? I can’t find my book.
It’s my turn. Whose turn is it? It isn’t your turn, it’s mine.
Can I ….., please?
Could you help me, please.
What does … mean? What’s … ? What’s the meaning of … ?
How do you pronounce this word?
I agree (with). I don’t agree.

Starting the class

Hello/Good morning everybody.
OK. Stop talking now, please and let’s have quiet.
Is everyone here? Is anyone absent?
I’ll just take the register. María? Here.
Who’s not here today? Who isn’t here?
Where’s Juan? What’s wrong with (name)? What’s the matter with (name)?
Oh, he’s ill, is he? I see.
Who’s the class monitor?
Go to the (office) and get some chalk/a new marker.
You’re late. What happened?
Take off your coats/jackets/cap, please.
Put your bags on the floor next to your desk.
Switch of your mobile phones
Can you switch/turn on/off the lights please?

Starting the lesson

Can I have your attention, please? Attention, everybody.
First of all, we’ll …
Let’s start by … (ing)
Listen to me, please. Look at me, please.
Right. Get out your books and turn to page 18./OK. Open your books at page 18.
Has everyone done the homework? Who’s done the homework? Who hasn’t done the homework?
Today we’re going to look at/study/learn about/talk about/do ….
Does anyone know anything about it? Can you tell me anything about it?


First, you’ll work alone and then with a partner.
After that, we’ll work together.
Work with a partner. Work in pairs/groups.
Ok. Now can you get into your groups please.
I want you to work in pairs. Work with your partner to (verb)….
I want you to work in groups of 3. María, you turn round and work with the pair behind. Juan you work
with the pair in front.
Move your desks together.
For the next task, you’re going to work with a partner/in groups.
Ask each other …..

Locating information

At the back of the book/at the front of the book/in the middle of the book
On the first page/on page 2
In the index/in the list of contents/in the introduction
Look at the board/ the wall chart, the worksheet, etc.
Listen to the tape and find out …
Look at the instructions/key words/vocabulary/pictures, etc. on the board/at the top/bottom of the page/on
the right¬hand side of the page/board/picture, etc.
Now let’s look at the box/the diagram/the table/the chart/the graph/the picture/the flow chart, etc.
You have a wordbank/key/some instructions, etc. in the top left¬hand corner of your worksheet.
It’s on the board.
Look up this topic on the Internet/in a dictionary/in an encyclopaedia.
The Internet is a good place to find out information on this topic/issue
You can check the answers on page 18.


Yes, that’s right.
OK. Alright. Fine
Good. Great. Fantastic. Excellent.
Nearly right
Have another try/go
Try again
That’s more like it
Don’t you think it could/might be …
Think carefully … Look again carefully …
Are you sure it’s …?
It’s the wrong answer/It isn’t the right answer/That’s not correct
That’s a bit disappointing
Does anybody know the right answer?
What do you think (name)?
You’ve done a good job
You’ve got the idea
You’re on the right track/lines
There's nothing wrong with your answer
What you said was perfectly right
You didn't make a single mistake
That's exactly the point
That's just what I was looking for
You’ve passed
You haven’t passed, I’m afraid. I’m afraid you’ve failed.

Checking comprehension

What’s the meaning of ….?
Does this mean xxx or yyy?
Tell me another word for …
What does xxx refer to?
Can you explain what this text means?
Why do you think that ….?
What’s the opposite of …?
What do you understand by …?

Inviting oral contributions

Who can tell me …?
Can you tell me more?
What do you think about …?
What do you mean by …?
What do you mean when you say …?
How do you know?
What makes you think that?


You’ve worked very well.
That’s really good work.
That’s right. Good answer. Well done.
This is excellent work.
You’re really improving/You’ve really improved
This is much better
You’ve made a lot of progress
Your progress is satisfactory/good/excellent
You’ve got a 10/an ‘A’
10 out of 10!
A star for good work/for trying hard


That’s an interesting idea/point/opinion but ….
Yes, but don’t you think that ….
Could it be that ….?
I think you ought to think about/consider/take into account ….
Why don’t you think about ….?


Why don’t you + verb
What about + …ing
It’s a good idea to + verb. It might be a good idea to + verb
I suggest +...ing
It’s important to + verb. It’s important not to + verb.
You should/shouldn’t + verb.

Finishing the lesson or activity

You’ve got 5 minutes left.
Sorry, you’ll have to stop now. We’ve got no time left.
That was quick!
Right, that’s enough for now/today.
We’ll continue next lesson.
Right, time’s up.
Finish now, please.
We’ve got to stop now.
The lesson’s over. (Can you) put away your books/the equipment, please.


OK, for next day, I’d like you to finish the exercise/do the task on page 18/do this worksheet/find out
about ….
You can finish off at home.
The project is for next week.
You can hand it in on Monday.
You’ve got a week to do it but it must be in by Wednesday.
Right, no homework today!
You’ve had plenty of time!
It wasn’t enough time.

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